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5 Ways To Maintain Your Gym Memberships This Year

It’s resolution season, your gym is packed with new and old members, and your team is happy to be busy. But you know that just like those resolutions, your spike in membership is only short lived. What if it didn’t have to be? What if this was the year your membership maintained January levels all year long? We’ve got 5 tips to help you maintain your gym memberships all year.

1. Create an environment that members love.

We’re betting you’re not the only gym in town, so standing out from your competition is important. Branding may sound scary but a few well placed signs can make the difference between you and your competition. Now add in branded towels and decals for your machines and you’re on your way to the gym of your members dreams.

2. Ensure your staff are easy to identify with staff uniforms.

When a member has a question about a piece of equipment, workout, or class, you don’t want them to struggle to find a member of your team. Your staff should have branded apparel that makes them easy to identify even on the busiest day. From polo shirts for the desk staff to performance tees and shorts for your floor team and trainers, every member of your team should have branded gear that helps identify them as a resource for your members.

3. Have gear available for purchase.

Imagine you’re a member, how many times have you headed to the gym and realized you forgot your water bottle, protein shaker, shorts, t-shirt, socks, headphones, or other crucial piece of your workout gear? Sure you could run home, but you’ll likely get distracted and not make it back. Now what if your gym had everything you needed available for purchase. Those missing items would no longer force you to miss a workout. Having these items on hand provides an additional service to your members. Ensuring they are branded, gives your gym free publicity when the member inevitably uses the gear outside your four walls.

4. Give them something when they sign up!

Receiving a free giveaway is an awesome welcome to a new gym and instantly creates a sense of belonging for your new member. Things like water bottles, branded lanyards, and drawstring backpacks can provide a big impact without breaking your budget. Members will love their new gear and happily show it off outside of the gym.

5. Remind your lapsed members what they loved!

Printed mailers and informational brochures are an easy way to remind lapsed members of what they’re missing. You can promote new services or a special offer just for them.

If you’re ready to make this the year that your gym membership maintains it’s January boom, reach out to our team today to discuss how custom products can help take you to the next level.

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