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Insta Worthy Freshman Welcome Kits For Your New Students

Graduation may be a fresh memory but before you know it the next class of freshman will be joining your campus community. There is no better time to revamp your Freshman Welcome Kit and kick off the new freshmen’s college career in style. Our Freshman Survival Packages will let them show their school spirit with gifts they will actually use. Choose between one of our pre-built kits or fully customize your own!

The Basic:

Complete with a drawstring backpack and water bottle, your incoming Freshman will be set for the gym or class with the Basic Freshman Welcome Kit.

The Essentials:

You can never have enough toiletries, especially when you're away from home for the first time. The Essential Freshman Welcome Kit includes branded toiletries every freshman will need.

The Overachiever:

This kit makes a big impression. Your students will be have everything they need with The Overachiever Welcome Kit, which includes: a drawstring bag, coffee travel mug, lanyard, flashlight for late night walks back to the dorm, sunglasses, and phone pocket.

When you're ready to plan your freshman welcome kit, reach out to the Independence Print Co team for help with your custom college welcome kit.

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