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The Perfect Swag For Every Company Retreat Destination

Company retreats are back in trend thanks to the increasing number of remote employees. If Forbes’ prediction is correct, this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Having a remote team means you have to find new ways to encourage bonding and teamwork - enter the company retreat.

Today’s company retreats rarely include the stodgy hotel conference room of years gone by. Instead companies are organizing yoga retreats, surf camps, hiking expeditions, and trips to exotic international destinations. When employees arrive they now expect to be welcomed by branded swag.


Yoga Mats

Branded spa kit

Stretch band

Spa water bottle with insert

Sunny locale:

Beach Towels

Promotional Sunglasses

Branded Beach Tote Bags

Promotional Bluetooth Cooler

Flip flops

International Travels:

Promotional Passport holders

Branded Bluetooth Headphones

Custom Logo Step Counter

Carry-on Luggage

Power outlet converter

Hiking/Mountain Sports:

Custom Water Bottles

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Logo Hats

Branded Pop-up Lantern

Custom Logo Binoculars

Branded Hiking Backpack

If you have a unique idea for your corporate retreat swag bag, our team can help. Reach out today to plan your swag gifts with the experienced team at Independence Print Co.

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