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Running For Office? Stand Out From Your Competitors

So, you’re running for office? You know the most important thing is to get voters to remember your name all the way to the polls. Sure you can get the standard yard sign that all of the other candidates will have, but to really stand out you’ll need something else. These items will help you take your campaign to victory!

lawn sign, signs, coroplast

Why not try a reusable grocery tote? Not only will your constituents love the practical giveaway, but you will gain free exposure with every store visit.

tote bag, bag, grocery bag, promotional products, swag, POS

Hat, apparel, custom apparel, embroidery, cap, beanie, flexfit

Hats are a great political giveaway. They spark conversation and remind people who’s in the running. Up the quality of your giveaway hats and your constituents are sure to wear it with pride.

We always look fondly on the past, so why not give your voters a bit of nostalgia with a slap bracelet! These will evoke childhood memories and smiles, all while promoting your candidacy.

Your team will need shirts and lanyards as they go door to door or represent you at events.

tshirt, apparel, custom apparel, screen printing

Don’t forget your campaign headquarters! You’ll need banners and signage to let everyone know where to volunteer their support.

As you prepare for the election, remember to reach out to Independence Print Co for all of your political campaign needs. Our team can help find the right mix of campaign swag to take you from candidate to official.

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