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Make a Boom With Branded Bluetooth Speakers

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Looking for the perfect product to remind your customers about your brand? Sure, you can give them a pen or a mug, but how long will it be before your logo is at the bottom of a drawer or back of a cabinet? If you’re looking for a promotional piece that they won’t leave home without, then it’s time to consider custom branded Bluetooth speakers or earbuds.

Wooden Bluetooth Speaker w/Wireless Charging Pad

Branded Bluetooth speakers and earbuds have a universal appeal, making them a top selling promotional product. It doesn’t matter if your customers have an iPhone or android, like rock music or podcasts, enjoy running or sitting on the beach, a custom branded Bluetooth device will allow them to enjoy their music, audio book, or podcast with ease. These Bluetooth devices will become their favorite accessory, bringing your brand wherever they go.

Zoom® Bluetooth Audio Flask

Branded Bluetooth speakers are the perfect promotional giveaway for realtors. Imagine being given a speaker to use while you unpack your new house. Trainers and gyms can remind their clients who they are with custom branded Bluetooth wireless earbuds, even when they’re working out away from the gym. Companies looking for a great employee gift can wow their team with a Bluetooth bundle - headphones for work and a speaker for the weekend. Whatever you do, branded Bluetooth speakers can make a large, lasting impact on your audience. If you're ready to find the perfect custom Bluetooth speaker for your brand, contact the Independence Print Co. Team today.

Blare Bluetooth Speaker 15" Computer Backpack

Candle Light Bluetooth Speaker

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