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Employee Welcome Kits For Every Budget

When a new employee joins the company, a welcome kit is the perfect way to make them feel like part of the team. Whether greeting them with a branded notebook or a desk filled with company swag, you can be sure to start their journey off on the right foot with custom branded accessories.

Budget: Less than $15 per employee

Think you don’t have enough budget for a branded welcome kit? Think again! A new branded mug and a gift certificate to a local coffee shop are the ideal way to greet a new team member without breaking the bank. Travel mugs are a great idea if you want the team to showcase the brand outside of the office. Classic mugs are just right for work-day sips.

Budget: $$

A medium-sized budget doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact. Customization is what makes everything memorable.

For the mid-sized budget, we recommend:

  • A branded notebook & pen (bonus points if you write the WiFi password and key logins on the first page)

  • A travel mug or water bottle

  • Snacks - brand them with company stickers

  • Branded company handbook

Budget: $$$

When you have a little more room in the budget you have two choices, quantity or high-quality. You can choose to build a large kit with all the branded accessories a new employee could need or you could up the quality by purchasing things like Yeti brand travel mugs. Whichever option you choose, it’s important to know what matters most to your team.

For the Larger budget, we recommend:

  • Notebook & pen

  • Premium mug

  • Water bottle

  • Apparel

  • Snacks

  • Wireless charger

Budget: $$$$

When budget isn’t an issue you can wow your employees with a one-of-a-kind welcome kit that would make their Insta followers jealous. Focusing in on a common theme helps the kit make sense, even when you have the budget to buy ‘all the things’. For the health-conscious team a wellness welcome kit, filled with branded reusable water bottles, yoga mats, gym bags, earbuds, and a workout shirt, are a great way to go. For the techies go with the latest charges, laptop accessories, branded computer bags, and their very own Zuckerberg hoodie with your company logo of course.

For the larger budget, we recommend:

  • Notebook & pen

  • Custom yoga mats

  • Premium mug

  • Premium water bottle

  • Apparel

  • Snacks

  • Wireless charger

  • USB stick

  • Laptop sticker/case

  • Tote bag

  • A branded box to keep it together

Remember, when you’re planning your kit it’s just as important to know your team and their preferences. The swag kit should show your brand’s personality and be a welcome invite to the new team member. When you’re ready to wow your new employees with a branded Welcome kit, let us know. The Independence Print Co. Team can help navigate the vast number of options available to you within your budget.

*Note: All images are samples of employee welcome kits and are not work produced by Independence Print Co.

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